Masherbrum Expedition

Masherbrum is a striking mountain situated in the Ghanche District of Gilgit Baltistan. It claims the 22nd spot among the highest mountains globally and ranks as the 9th highest peak in Pakistan. This impressive peak graces the illustrious Karakoram Range, which also boasts other renowned giants like GI, K2, GII, and Broad Peak.

Masherbrum is renowned for being one of the most challenging mountains to climb, devoid of smooth paths or established trekking routes. To date, it has witnessed only four successful ascents, with Masherbrum SE having only one recorded ascent. Despite numerous attempts by both international and local climbers, many have been deterred by the objective dangers posed by this formidable peak, leading to unfortunate incidents, including ice avalanches. It wasn't until 1981 that the first ascent of Masherbrum SE was achieved.

The Masherbrum Peak Expedition (7821 meters) embarks from the base camp, strategically positioned behind Hushe's outpost. Masherbrum is positioned as the 28th highest mountain worldwide, and the base camp serves as the initial phase of this remarkable journey. Visitors will spend two days here, exploring the surrounding beauty of the area. The expedition then proceeds to the Sarakhsa valley, where awe-inspiring vistas of K6, K7, and Chogolisa unfold before your eyes. The trek further leads to the Ghandogoro valley, culminating in an ascent to the Ghandogoro Peak.

Additionally, the journey extends to the Pass, offering breathtaking views of some of the world's most iconic peaks. Notably, climbers have the advantage of being exempt from royalty fees for ascending mountains below 6,400 meters in height.


1 Arrive Islamabad International Airport And Transfer To Hotel HOTEL
2 Fly To Skardu Via PK451 Or Drive From Islamabad - Chilas ( Flight Subject To Weather Condition) HOTEL
3 Skardu Sightseeing Or Drive From Chilas - Skardu HOTEL
4 Skardu Briefing In Ministry Of Tourism & Preparation Of Expedition With Staff HOTEL
5 Drive from Skardu - Hushe CAMPING
6 Trek from Huse - Brum bramah CAMPING
7 Trek from Brum Brumah - Masherbrum Base Camp CAMPING
40 Trek down from Masherbrum Base camp - Hushe village CAMPING
42 Skardu De- Briefing & Final Fare Well Dinner HOTEL
43 Fly To Islamabad Or Drive From Skardu - Chilas ( Flight Totally Subject To Weather. HOTEL
44 Islamabad Sightseeing Or Drive From Chilas - Islamabad HOTEL
45 Fly Out To Your Own Destination (END OF OUR SERVICES)