Chilinji Pass Trek

The Chilinji trek, situated at an impressive altitude of 5140 meters, serves as a vital link connecting the Chapursan valley in Upper Gojal with the Iskoman valley in Ghizer.

The story of the Chilinji pass begins in 2009 when we first learned about this challenging mountain pass. We initially considered crossing it while traveling from the Ishkoman valley to Broghil and Karomber Lake. When we arrived in Swinj, hoping to find porters who could assist us in conquering the Chilinji pass, we discussed the possibility with the local Gujjars. To our surprise, they unanimously declined to accompany us and rejected the idea of crossing Chilinji, citing the pass's extreme difficulty. Looking back, after having successfully crossed Chilinji from the Chapursan side, navigating the crevasses and scree, we now realize that being refused by the porters back then was a stroke of luck. Considering that we lacked the appropriate technical equipment at the time and weren't as technically proficient, attempting Chilinji would likely have resulted in a catastrophic outcome, particularly from the Chapursan side, where the ascent is incredibly steep.

In the subsequent years, the region beyond Baba Ghundi was declared restricted by security agencies due to its proximity to the Afghan border. Last year, we received news of two groups successfully crossing the pass. Following this, we began preparing for our own Chilinji expedition. My initial priority for this year was to traverse the Central Asian states, but when that plan couldn't materialize, Chilinji became the clear and compelling objective. It took us seven long years of effort and preparation, but we eventually reached the summit of the Chilinji pass, making our achievement all the more rewarding.


Days Program
1 Arrive Islamabad airport and transfer to hotel
2 Drive to Swat 5-6hrs 180km. Overnight at hotel
3 Trek to Swat, 180km, 4-5hrs. Overnight at hotel
4 Drive to Chitral 254-km, 7-8 hrs. Overnight at hotel
5 Drive to Kalash valleys visit Bumburate, Birir and Rumbur
6 Drive to Lasht. Altitude 3048. Overnight in tents
7 Trek to Kishmanja. Altitude 3300m. Overnight in tents
8 Trek to Ishkarwarz on the Brogil Pass 3600m. Overnight in tents
9 Trek to Laly Ribat. Altitude 3990m. Overnight in tents
10 Trek to Kurambar Lake 4300m. Overnight in tents
11 Free day at Kurambar Lake. Overnight in tents
12 Trek to Shuinji summer pasture 3930m. Overnight in tents
13 Trek to Sukhtarabad. Altitude 3420m. Overnight in tents
14 Trek to Chillinji Jungle 3450m. Overnight in tents
15 Trek to Chillinji high camp. Overnight in tents
16 Trek from High camp to Beyator. Overnight in tents
17 Trek to dow Baba Ghundi Chupursen village.
18 Drive to Karimabad via Attaabad Lake. Overnight at hotel
19 Visit Baltit Fort 700 years old, Altit Fort 900 years old, and Duiker valley
20 Drive to Naran via Babusar Pass 4173m. Overnight at hotel
21 Drive to Islamabad 6-7hrs en-route visit Taxila museum and historical sites
22 Transfer to Islamabad airport for international flight